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Shelly Wierman Birth Services

Supporting Birthing Families through Pregnancy and Postpartum

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About Me


I'm excited to announce my acceptance to the Manhattan Birth Mentoring Program!  This year long program will provide me with networking opportunities, advanced trainings, monthly mastermind groups, and a supportive community of successful doulas.  I can't wait to share everything I learn in the coming year with my clients!

Who Am I?

I'm originally from the Pacific Northwest but for the past 20+ years I've made my home in Westchester County, New York.  I love family, home, laughing, babies, bees, whales, dogs, trees, frogs, reading, cooking, music and yoga.

As a prenatal yoga instructor, birth doula and certified lactation counselor my passion is supporting families throughout pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.  I can frequently be found talking about pelvises, looking at birth photos, reading about birth or listening to birth podcasts.

I believe that pregnancy, birth and nursing are powerful experiences unique to each family.

*My first granddaughter/doula baby, Natalie



What I Do

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Prenatal Yoga

Saturday 11:30-12:45 pm

$16 - Drop in 
$40 - Welcome Pack - 4 Classes (one time only)

$75 - 5 Classes (2 month expiration)

$145 - 10 Classes (3 month expiration)


Prenatal yoga helps to ease the discomforts associated with pregnancy, create strength, flexibility and stamina, and build an understanding of the relaxation and breathing techniques that will help you throughout pregnancy, labor and birth.  Prenatal yoga is for all stages of pregnancy, both pre and postnatal. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

Doula Services

$1,500 - $1,700

As a birth doula I help empower families to achieve the best birth outcomes possible. Doulas focus on individual support before, during, and after birth.  Studies have shown that continuous support from a doula during childbirth may lead to a decreased use of pain relief medication during labor, a decrease in medical interventions, shorter labors and an increased satisfaction with birth.


Doula services include: Two prenatal in home meetings with you and your partner to discuss labor, birth preferences and options; phone, email and text support during pregnancy for any questions that you might have; continuous labor support beginning at either your home or the hospital; and one in home postpartum meeting.

Pregnant belly

Lactation Support

1 - One Hour Session - $100 

2 - One Hour Sessions - $150

As a person who has nursed four babies, I have firsthand knowledge of human lactation, nursing and the nutritional needs of infants and nursing humans. 


As a Certified Lactation Counselor I will meet with you and your baby in the privacy of your own home to observe feeding, collect information, and understand and formulate potential solutions for the nature of issues you may be having with feeding your baby.

Free Postpartum Support Group

1:00-2:00 p.m.

1st Saturday of the Month

Join other new parents to receive support and discuss feeding, sleeping and all other aspects of life with your new baby.  This group is free and open to all parents and babies to 6 months.

*My most recent granddaughter/doula baby, Aviva


About 2 months ago, I started the prenatal class with Shelly. She is a doula & extremely knowledgeable about all things pregnancy. It’s been great to have her support during this special time! I love feeling prepared for birth, and connecting with other soon-to-be mommas! I highly recommend this class to fellow pregos!!


I had the pleasure of Shelly being my doula for the birth of my second daughter.  We wanted a doula the second time around to provide me with comfort during labor.  In addition, we wanted another opinion to discuss options throughout the birthing process.  Shelly stayed with us the entire time and provided a calming influence, as well as constant support.  She was a great resource and made the entire experience of giving birth a lot less stressful.  Her constant encouragement and pain management techniques were instrumental.  I am so happy that we chose Shelly to be our doula.  I'd highly recommend her to anyone considering hiring a doula.



Birth isn't something we suffer, but something we actively do and exult in.

Sheila Kitzinger



Find me @ Family Dog Yoga Studio
12 North Division Street, Peekskill, NY 10566